Who we are

Sidereal Designs draws on the talents of a group of experienced webmasters, internet specialists, coders and graphic artists who pool their efforts to produce custom web sites and related communication tools. We have clientele on both sides of the Atlantic and the equator.

Our headquarters is near Washington, D.C, in suburban Maryland, USA.

In addition to outstanding design and layout capabilities, Sidereal Designs has great depth in the technologies required for the most advanced interactive web sites. We have the ability to produce large-scale and small-scale web sites, and to employ the latest technology for multi-media, dynamic pages, databases, on-line content management, and e-commerce applications.

Collectively we have many decades of experience in Internet and Web specialties and related arts. Despite this wealth of talent and experience, you will find that our price is competitive even for modest web sites.

Principal Staff:

Jamie G. KentOur President and Webmaster In Chief is Jamie G. Kent. Jamie has been a project manager, systems analyst, and webmaster for over twenty years. As first Webmaster of the Washington Times she developed its internet presence, one of the earliest on the web. Today she works on major intranet and internet projects in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and supervises the Sidereal Designs programs and staff.
Message from Jamie

Ernest W. KentOur Chief Technology Officer is Ernie Kent, who began working with the Internet when it was begun in the mid-70's as ARPAnet. Ernie has been a professor at the University of Illinois, Director of Research in Information Technology for North America with the Philips Corporation, and Chief Scientist of the Intelligent Systems Division of the National Institute of Standards and Technology. He holds patents in computer architectures and has published a book on design of robot brains. Ernie directs the Sidereal programming staff in the application of cutting-edge technologies to our clients' requirements.

Other senior associates include Jeremy Richards, Aviral Mathur, Mike Harris, Dan Schluer, Guy Carpenter, Len McGrane, Larry Moffitt, Andrea Rockar and Jerry Jeffress with specialties ranging from advanced scripting through dynamic HTML, database design, multi-media, graphic arts, and copy editing.

We have a global staff that collaborate in real-time using internet technology. They maintain continuous daily contact through audio and video links, text messaging, VOIP lines, FTP file transmissions, and email. We have staff in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and operate our own development center in Jaipur India.


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