Comments From Our Clients

If you're not a webmaster yourself, how can you evaluate the available providers? One way is through the experience of others. See what our clients have to say.

"Sidereal Designs has designed for us a well executed, polished, navigable website that has brought us many compliments from users. The staff were a pleasure to work with, providing great communication and feedback. They provided us with lots of photos to choose from, honed the text so that it flowed smoothly and developed a great, workable online application.

I would recommend their services to anyone looking to develop a great site at a fair price."

Frederick B. Karl,
Managing Director Commercial Capital Resource Group, Inc.

340 West Passaic Street Rochelle Park, NJ 07662 USA

"Thank you again for everything.. The site is professional and i am proud to be part of it .. I will be in touch and let you know how i am progressing..You have done a great job and I could not be happier. "

Hassell Rather,

"Sidereal Designs was a great partner. They do what they say - and sometimes more. They answer their phone and actually solve problems. They showed
excellent leadership in delivering a complete solution in the time frame and budget I expected. Creatively I was impressed with how well they listened to me and then provided an image that exceeded my expectations. I have received nothing but praise for our new website. In the end, I feel confident I have made an excellent business investment. I highly recommend Sidereal designs.

Thank you for all of your hard work."

Wayne Bennett
President and Owner

"With Sidereal Designs being out of state, we were concerned about the service that we would receive. However, the staff at Sidereal were very hands-on, willing to answer any questions we had, and were able to discuss the building of the site to our specifications. We would recommend Sidereal to anyone interested in putting their business on the web or expanding/remodeling their current site."

Ford Brothers, Inc

"The decision of selecting a web designer is a scary process, because the more web designers you speak to, the more complicated it gets. one thing was obvious that most of the web designers were talking about pricing and their own views and not caring about my views. Dr. Kent from Sidereal Designs stated his designing prices in less than 5 seconds (which were most reasonable) and then he listened to my wishes. For me it was a refreshing change, since other web designers only wanted to deal mostly through emails and their prices were like a moving target, ambiguous numbers. My e-commerce Website is a livelihood for me, and only Dr. Kent understood it as such and delivered the best quality website suited for my business, along with invaluable advice and recommendations such as selecting the best hosting services etc. I recommend Dr. Kent and Sidereal Designs to anyone who is serious about delivering the best e-commerce storefront to the consumer."

R. K. Relan, Author/Publisher
Love For All Eternity : Women's edition

"After months of research, we made what has turned out to be one of the best decisions of my professional career in selecting Sidereal Designs to build our website. It all started at the very beginning with a superior proposal to all the others. Once started, the attention to details, the thorough knowledge and the responsiveness of our needs was simply superior to any thing I have done in the past. I have worked very closely with Dr. Ernie Kent during the build out and completion of our site for the past several months and must say it has been an honor and pleasure to do business with him and Sidereal Designs. I will certainly use them again and highly recommend them to any one needing their services."

Mark Arnold, CEO
Child Alert Center

" The people at Sidereal Designs are all very reliable, very courteous, very dependable, and very customer service driven. They are all team players, too. If there is a problem, Sidereal Designs, will use every resource
available and won't rest until the problem is solved."

Thanks Again,

Ronnie Giles

"I just wanted to thank you for such a great job. Everyone is full of compliments and I love my web site. You are a pleasure to work with!!!"

Riva Lee Asbell
Riva Lee Asbell Associates

"Mucho, mucho gracias!! I'll let you know when the medical center has completed the referral form and I
need your ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS services to link it to our FANTASTIC website.

My sincere gratitude to you and your staff, you've been an absolute pleasure to work with!!"

Michele Gandolfo

"Our company has a large IT/Internet infrastructure, supported by several in-house administrators, programmers and web designers. We decided to take the website design project for our new WeatherHawk product line to Sidereal Designs because our IT group was completely consumed with a large project, and could not accommodate our deadline. This was the first design project that the company has contracted externally, and the result was exceptional.

From conception, through design and project completion we found the Sidereal Designs team responsive, innovative and completely focused on providing the result we envisioned at a reasonable cost. We will use them again, and strongly recommend their services to others."

John Johnston - WeatherHawk Product Manager
WeatherHawk Division of CSI - Logan, UT

"I consider myself tremendously fortunate to have discovered Ernie Kent and Sidereal Designs.  I approached him with a vision of a Web site that offered users a unique service that could not be found elsewhere.  Ernie helped me refine my ideas and create an attractive, well designed, user-friendly site backed by a secure, reliable, database system.  The cost for what became a fairly sophisticated design was very reasonable and both the original budget and timeline were followed precisely.  Ernie's responsiveness to my many questions and concerns was almost immediate.  His concern for the success of my project was equal to mine, and his pride in the development shows clearly in the final product.  If you are in need of web design services, your search is over.  I strongly recommend Sidereal Designs without reservations."

Steven H. Brick, M.D. &

"My friends at Sidereal Designs have it all --
* creativity in web site design,
* technical expertise that ensures your site runs fast and navigates flawlessly,
* teaching skills that help even novices understand the complexities of cyberspace,
* personal attention and rapid replies that make you feel special
-- and all this within a pricing structure that is far too reasonable for such superior service. In this era of bleak customer service and shoddy products, these guys offer us a beam of light. They're an absolute joy to work with. Use 'em -- you'll feel like you've fallen in love."

Sam Popkin, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist

"Just like my friends promised, Ernie ( Sidereal Designs, Inc.) was available and easy to work with in the designing and hosting of my web page. I had fired my previous web page designers. Working with Ernie was like going to Heaven! He was willing to do so many extra things that made the whole process a joy! I would recommend him without a single reservation to anyone!"

Newton Hightower
Director, Center for Anger Resolution, Inc.

"Start to finish and beyond Jamie Kent and her staff have been professional, personable, courteous and kind -- not to mention knowledgable, creative, timely and responsive. As total web and even computer novices, we were in great need of all those qualities in web-designers/consultants and Sidereal Designs delivered. Our gratitude and highest recommendation go out to Jamie and the Sidereal staff."

-- John Becker,Ph.D. and Harriet Kramer-Becker,Ph.D.

"I want to thank the person who hooked me up with Ernie Kent at Sidereal Designs. Ernie has been absolutely fantastic. From the very get-go he was helpful in conceptualizing our Web design. And I can assure you he handled my many mid-stream modifications graciously--indeed, enthusiastically. I know that many folks may be looking for simpler Web designs than mine, within a tight budget. Ernie can do it all.

I went through two prior consultants, both with much frustration and little to show for it. I even designed a basic site myself--which worked, but I was quickly in over my head and didn't have the time to master, much less stay on top of, the fast-paced world of web-design. I had a notion that my designer should be someone I could meet with in person--you know, hand off disks, give photos, assess facial expressions, etc. So I tried to stay "local," and was a little skeptical of contracting long-distance. I can say, without a doubt, that the long-distance experience with Ernie has become quite intimate. He responds faster than clinicians in my own city do when I'm making a referral. I feel like I know Ernie, and more importantly, that he understands my business and listens to my needs. Yet I have never met Ernie in person. I certainly hope to do so some day.

Ernie does what he promises. He is efficient. He is knowledgeable. On top of it, he has a great sense of humor. His response has always been immediate. In fact, hold-ups have been from my schedule, not his. When we encountered a problem, he would go away for a few hours and come back with great tid-bits of information. .. about web-design, about commerce, about competitors in my field, about a potential product I was thinking about using. In short, he has been every bit the consultant I had imagined, and more. I appreciated Ernie's depth of knowledge of marketing issues, along with web-design, search engine details, mechanics of shopping carts, pros and cons of various web-hosting schemes, and above all--PRACTICAL USE OF THE WEB. He helped me focus on what I really wanted out of the internet, and then helped me design and build a web site to do just that.

If this sounds like a pitch for Sidereal Designs, that's because it is. I can't tell you how good it feels to work with someone I trust, someone who efficiently and professionally delivers what is promised. They definitely live up to their motto of 'quality, custom web design for business owners by friendly, experienced webmasters.'

One more note: after talking with a number of colleagues about their web-design fiascoes, web maintenance was as important an issue for me as web design. The last thing I wanted was to have a brilliant design by an enthusiastic webmaster, only to be abandoned when the webmaster encountered more interesting pursuits. Ernie has been as responsive to maintenance concerns as he was to design concerns. Indeed, he designed our site specifically so that we could maintain it with minimal effort, and then he trained us in how to do that. When we have exceeded our expertise or energy level, he has continued to be there for us--all with a clear and up-front pricing structure."

Victor Loos, Ph.D., Bayou Publishing
"Innovative Resources for Families and Schools"
2524 Nottingham, Houston, TX 77005-1412
Ph: (713)526-4558 FAX:(713)526-4342

"humbs up for Sidereal Designs. They did a wonderful web site for me with just the right feeling tone for my population of young women with eating disorders. It is inviting, calming and hopeful. They knew exactly what I wanted after a few conversations and have been able to 'read' me after a few conversations. They have been supportive on an ongoing basis. Being new to the web, I have been coached every step of the way--patiently. Not an easy job for either of us, but they never made me feel like a 'dummy'.

You get a lot for very little once you look at your returns. My web site has returned itself 20 times already in just a few months with local clients. Thanks, Sidereal. You have contributed tremendously to this new phase in my career. I am very grateful you came into my life and helped revitalize my work"

-- Judith Asner, Publisher: Beatbulimia,

"The Sidereal Designs team has made the daunting task of setting up a web page and an e-mail list actually exciting and fun. They have been very responsive, answered questions quickly and completely, and their coaching has helped me to get up to speed in making and posting my own changes to my site. They are very good at tailoring their support to the level of the individual's knowledge of on-line computing, from complete beginners to those with a fair amount of experience. Their extensive experience and knowledge helped me to understand the implications of the various choices and trade-offs I faced in this project. I've been recommending them to many of my colleagues."

-- Chris Wemple, Ph.D.

"The staff of Sidereal Designs have been a genuine pleasure to work with. They are very knowledgeable and very professional. At every step in the process, from the first inquiry email and phone call to my web site going operational, they patiently explained technical details in a way that I could understand. I came to count on them to make helpful suggestions when appropriate, and their attention to detail resulted in a quality presentation that I am very happy with. They also did a superb job of walking me through the procedures that would enable me to administer portions of my web site on my own in the future. All in all, working with Sidereal Designs has been great!"

-- Rob Scuka, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist

"I write and edit materials for my clients' on-line newsletters and web sites. As part of this, I've worked directly with Sidereal Designs -- always with absolute confidence that they would provide a superior product. Not only do the excel in their technical knowledge, but they're tops in customer service. And because they've been working with the web and the internet for years, they're able to turn out just about anything I've needed -- on time and hassle-free. Most importantly, they're always able to guide me and my clients in discovering and implementing our specific needs.

What I like most about Sidereal Designs is that they have a deep commitment to excellence. They'll stay with you until you have what you want and until you've learned how to use and manage it. They're highly responsive and are always there when you need them. Working with them is a true pleasure whether you're just getting started with the Web or have been working with it for years."

-- Bill Roche,

" There are plenty of "techies" out there offering to help with web page development. And many may be good. With Sidereal Designs, one gets not only technical assistance of the hightest caliber, but the "techies" are real people with sensitivity, patience, and wisdom. I do not hestitate to recommend them."

-- Dr. Donna Kimmel,


Malcolm Carpenter, C.P.A.


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