What do you want your web site to do?

Our services provide a total package of integrated tools to give your enterprise the best possible functionality. What this package is will vary according to your business needs.

We offer full-range website development services for new or existing web sites. After your site is completed we have a variety of maintenance plans to help you keep it current. We also offer consulting services for on-line marketing

We produce large-scale and small-scale web sites, and provide technology for multi-media, dynamic pages (with on-line content management,) e-commerce applications, and many other features.

Building a new site:

We begin with consultation to determine the functional needs of your site. We then identify the technical resources required to meet those needs, and work out with you an estimate for the best cost/benefit approach.

If desired we act as your agent in obtaining domain names and hosting contracts.

We work with you to identify the content plan for the site, including decisions about navigation schemes to accommodate the needs of all potential users regardless of prior experience with the site or differing objectives of different visitors.

Finally, we construct the actual pages to your specification, working closely with you to achieve the "look and feel" you want for your site. We implement the required infrastructure and code to give the site its functionality. This may include databases, CGI scripts, list servers, streaming media, content management and many other possible features.

We do this in a private work area where you can watch and critique the process. Only when you are satisfied do we transfer the work to the 'live' site and open the doors to the public.

If you already have a web site:

We can provide services including total redesign and reconstruction or addition of new functions and pages using your existing designs.

We will confer with you to understand the desired changes or extensions and analyze the existing site to identify what will be required to accomplish them, including the impact on existing code or systems that are to be retained. If continued operation of the site during upgrade is required we will develop a plan for phasing in the modifications without interrupting use of the site.

Maintenance plans:

Some sites require little if any maintenance, others need regular updating or supervision. Often this has more to do with functionality than size.

For our web site development clients whose sites require only occasional updates and structural maintenance work we are available by the hour on-call. For large and complex sites that need regular technical maintenance we can offer regular monthly maintenance plans tailored to the site requirements.

We also offer pre-paid monthly marketing maintenance plans that provide a savings for sites that can benefit from them.

Technologies we offer:

Some of the systems and technologies we may recommend, and can implement for you, as part of a site-development package could include:

  • A suite of one to many pages of content.
  • Custom graphics design and production as well as scanning and web-optimizing your photographs or artwork.
  • Multiple email addresses and auto-responders.
  • List servers for mailing lists and newsletters with auto-subscribe/unsubscribe.
  • Secure e-commerce links and shopping carts for on-line purchases.
  • On-line databases of product information with dynamic web page generation to keep product and pricing current.
  • Dynamic pages for updating schedules, events and other changing materials.
  • Database management tools for updating material on dynamic web pages yourself.
  • Audio clips, video clips or streaming media.
  • Chat Rooms.
  • Other more advanced real-time communication options.
  • JAVA and JavaScript code.
  • Forms and common gateway interface (CGI) coding to process them.

We have the resources and experience to cover all of these issues and more. Whatever your business requires, from the simplest to the most sophisticated web presence will be provided quickly, efficiently, and professionaly.


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