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Estimates and Typical Costs

We will provide you with a total package of features to give your enterprise the type of web presence it requires, but what that package might be will vary greatly according to your business, and will probably include many items other than visible web pages. The development cost of commercial websites will also vary greatly: from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Estimates: For most situations hourly rates are not very helpful to you in comparing suppliers unless you know how many hours particular jobs ought to take. We find most clients are best-served by getting an estimate for the required end product.

We offer the following approaches to developing estimates for your web site and on-line marketing presence:

  • Design to specification: If you know what you want, discuss it with us - free of charge - and then, if we both feel there's a fit, we will prepare an estimate of the work and the development costs for your approval. Free estimate.

  • Design to budget: If you know what your budget is but don't know what you can get for it, talk it over with us - it's free - and we'll prepare a proposal for the best plan consistent with your budget and needs. Free proposal.

  • No idea? Perhaps you need to discuss with a professional what the Internet can do for you and whether you should even be on it. We can help you understand the potential, implications, and requirements for your business. Maybe we'll recommend you don't need a web site at all, but in any case asking us is free. Free consultation.

Understanding Typical Cost: We build high-quality, custom, commercial web sites, professionally-coded, with solid and reliable operation, suitable for serious businesses. We try to position ourselves at the low-priced end of that high-end market niche, although never to sacrifice performance and quality for cost.

In most cases the cost of a professionally-designed, custom website, that is, one not built from pre-developed templates or stock scripts, will depend more on function than on either appearance or the number of pages. It takes the designer and artist about the same time to produce any beautiful web design, regardless of its specific nature. Creating static pages of content from that design is a small part of the total process of building a complex site.

Thus, the largest part of the cost involves the developers' coding and database work, most of which will be invisible, but it is these things that give the site its most important capabilities. Our minimum job size for a complete web site is $2495. Beyond this, the cost will go up principally in proportion to the functions and features required to meet your business needs.

  • Serious, professionaly-coded, commercial web sites with unique capabilites are generally in the range from $10,000 to $75,000, although there is no upper limit. Some sites on the web today cost in the millions.
  • Smaller sites focusing on a few complex capabilities are frequently in the range of $5000 to $10,000.
  • Basic informatioal sites with few additional functions can fall in the range of $2500 to $5000.

Hourly Rates:
For those who prefer hourly rates we can provide detailed rate sheets based on type of task and level of personnel required. Average rates for some common tasks are:

$100/hr. Rate
  • Page layout and design (standard web pages)
  • Ordinary HTML page-coding
  • Code validation
  • Graphics optimization
  • Browser compatibility testing/assurance
  • Ordinary site maintenance/management
  • Virtual hosting account setup
  • Domain name searches/applications
  • Meta tags and search engine placement
  • Installation and setup of third-party CGI
  • Mail aliases/remailers/auto-responders
  • Internet resources searches (for scripts, images, clip-art, etc.)
  • Image scanning and document OCR, digital photography

$150/hr. Rate
  • Consulting/training
  • E-commerce planning
  • Site-promotion strategic planning
  • Site planning/design
  • On-line credit card transaction setup
  • Newsletter and mailing-list setups, online subscription facilities
  • Advanced page design (elaborate and special custom designs, framesets)
  • Custom graphics work
  • Multimedia (music, sound-clips, MPEG/AVI, streaming audio or video)
  • Custom script coding (CGI, Perl, JavaScript, Java Applets)
  • On-line chat room installation
  • On-line site administration facilities, multi-user interactive pages
  • On-line operations management
  • User-modifiable page content coding, dynamic content
  • On-line databases and database management tools
  • Secure sites (HTTPS)
  • Advanced page coding (php, DHTML, rollovers, image-maps, special effects


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