Newsletters, Podcasts and other Channels of Communication

We've found that the best way to market ourselves is to give away our best advice free. Our best-informed customers are always our best customers.

For years we did this with a monthly newsletter. Now, due to the difficulty of delivering email newsletters in today's world of anti-spam software, we are starting to use more modern channels of communication such as RSS publication (Podcasting.) Our podcasts can be subscribed to, downloaded or listened to live, directly from our site.

We can implement many kinds of communication channels on your site, such as blogs, forums and chat applications as well as RSS and newsletters. Each of these has a particular place in your communications package, depending on the particular application and audience. Ask us to discuss with you what types of communications would best meet the needs of your business and your website.

If you have an RSS aggregator you can subscribe to our RSS feed and automatically receive notification when new material becomes available. Visit our Podcast page to try it out. If this fits your business we can install the same for you.

Our newsletter archive has years of back issues on a range of topics. We are updating some of these as podcasts. We invite you to visit our archives to check for issues on many topics that may be helpful.


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