Maintenance options

Just want plain old maintenance?

When you need extensions or revisions to your site that require coputer coding we offer several options:
  1. On-call at hourly rates
  2. By estimate
  3. Monthly plans
You can just call in and get a job scheduled. Or you can get an estimate on it first. Or if you need frequent maintenance we can tailor a monthly plan to your needs.

In considering your maintenance needs, remember that most sites we build include content management systems that allow you to quickly and easily update information on your site for all normal, everyday purposes such as editing text or uploading images or documents.

Doing so requires only ordinary office-level computer knowledge. Normally you would not require maintenance for routine operation of your web site.

Need something more extensive?

You can keep your web site up to date  and be right on top of your Internet marketing -- even when you're too busy doing all the other things your business demands of you.

It's easy. You just take Sidereal's easyMarketing service, run by our ace designer and web-marketing expert, Len McGrane.

Week by week, month by month, our program works with you to keep your web marketing on schedule.

For a modest monthly fee you get:

  1. Regular advice on the Search Engines

    Each month we provide advice on improving and maintaining your position on the major free search engines to keep up with their constantly-changing preferences. This helps to keep your site from slipping off the radar.

  2. Up to One Free Hour of Work on Your Site Per Month

    Each month we do up to one hour of changes and additions on your site as you ask for them -- for free. If you need more work then that is simply charged at the normal rates.

  3. Weekly Marketing Tasks

    We have reduced Internet marketing down to 10 essential tasks. At the start of each week we email you a reminder to schedule in three or four them. We tell you why they are important, what to do, and provide links to helpful resources and practical advice. But if you're too busy that week and can't do them all, you won't fall behind because four weeks later we will remind you again -- this persistent reminder service means the marketing foundation of your Internet business WILL be built.

    And there's more.

    We also send you two extra things each week. If you have the time, you open them.

    First, a true story of an 'ordinary' business that's succeeding on the Internet. As you know, we learn most from examples. One of the Sidereal team spent over 20 years writing stories and shooting TV footage, mostly in Asia and the Middle East. He knows good stories when he finds them, and we bring them to you.

    Second, a link to a growing library of over 300 of some of the best articles on Internet business you can find. Written by a wide range of experienced, successful people who are making money on the Internet.

So that's easyMarketing.The easy way to maintain your site, keep up with the search engines, and do your marketing.

It costs $70.00 a month. We invoice you monthly and use PayPal to transfer funds.

Use this button to start your subscription to easyMarketing now!

Essential Marketing

And what exactly DO you get systematic help with week after week? What are those 10 essentials?

  1. For a start, you will know the role your business email has in a successful marketing program. You'll learn how to turn on some of the most believable marketing available over the Internet.
  2. Your web site host probably makes available to you an easy-to- use tool to check up on the visitors to your site. You'll learn what statistics from that service mean and how to interpret them.
  3. There's a lot of sites out there that keep us humble. Some people are doing things absolutely right on their web sites, and each month we show you one. You look -- and learn. These sites will almost never be a competitor, so you can email the owner and ask questions.
  4. What people say about your service or product is critical. You will have ongoing strategies for collecting positive customer comments at no cost, and know exactly how to turn them into powerful promotions on your site.
  5. No-one has all the answers to Internet marketing. easyMarketing seamlessly integrates with the best free marketing advice on the Internet.You get a convenient way to pick and choose from a wealth of practical, experienced marketing advisors who suit your style and industry.
  6. You will quickly learn just where maintaining your home page fits into your marketing. Marketing for most people is changing how the home page looks, or adding something new. It will suddenly become clear to you just why this is hopelessly wrong. You'll know what your home page can (and must) do, and when it's time to change it.
  7. With easyMarketing you'll learn how to write ads that stand out above the rest, and how to take powerful advantage of these unassuming little gold mines.
  8. You'll be spying on your competition. When they are doing something well, you'll be learning from them. And when they are failing, you'll be feeling smug. Knowing the enemy is vital to any war, and the Internet is probably one of the bloodiest arenas of modern commerce.
  9. Frequently you will launch one of the simplest, most cost- effective programs possible to turn visitors into regular customers. Almost none of your competitors are doing this. And it will probably become a central plank in your marketing platform.
  10. Most businesses have no idea where one of the most effective forms of uniquely Internet marketing is. You will know exactly. And you will have a program in place to regularly use this free opportunity as it applies to your industry.

Use this button to start your subscription to easyMarketing now!


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