Content Management and Dynamic Pages

One of the most frequent requests we hear is "I want to be able to update my site myself."

We have long experiance in developing content-managed web sites and can meet any requirement.

How it works

The simplest approach for most people is to use dynamic pages. In this case the materials on the page (the text and images) are kept in a database on your web site. We write special programs that create your web pages on-demand (in milliseconds) whenever someone arrives. The information that goes on these pages is taken from your database at that time by our programs and used to create the pages that they see.

We then install database management tools that let you log in to a special administrative area of your site and change the material in the database using simple text editing tools. As soon as you make the change it is instantly reflected in your visible web pages. We also provide point-and-click tools tha let you upload new images from your computer to your pages.

One method called "structured formatting" lets you quickly change the text, but keeps the basic font sizes, colors and other properties of the page unchanged. This makes it quick and simple to routinely change text where the appearance is to remain the same. Doing this involves something like editing a spreadsheet or filling out a form with cells for the changeable content areas of the page. Using this method we can arrange any type of editing requirement, but the text format and layout are fixed. Click below for a demo of what this is like.

Try the structured-formatting demo now.

For a less structured way to edit the text areas of the page we provide editors that allow you to format the text yourself as well as change the content. This permits you to edit the selected area, including text color, bold, italic, underline, bullet and most other formatting, much as you would using an editor such as Microsoft Word, and in fact the controls of the editor will be immediately familiar to anyone who uses Word. The layout of the formatting is more flexible; you can even add links and other complex items. However, since there is more to control there is more to worry about, and it may be overkill for many purposes. Click below for a demo of what this is like.

Try the full-formatting demo now.



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