Our experienced web programmers are managed by a chief technology officer with decades of experience in directing software development programs for government and industry.

Common requirements

E-commerce: take credit card charges over the web. We set up the credit card interfaces and install site security.

Product catalog/shopping cart: let visitors browse and select your products or services. We build your own custom-designed cart for your site.

Update it yourself: We can put in simple-to-use content management systems that let you add, update and delete the material on your site.

Dynamic menus: We can build click-saving, fold-out menus and we can even make them change automatically to reference new product categories or materials as you add them to your catalog.

Databases: We can create on-line databases of any sort and we can give you the ability to populate them directly from your spreadsheets or databases on your PC.

Registered users: We can create password-protected areas that are reserved for registered users, and we can provide for multiple classes of registered user.

Fee-contingent activities: We can make actions such as registration, access to protected areas, download of materials, or any other activities available immediately upon successful on-line payment.

Download materials: Put up PDF or Word files, images, or any other materials for your clients or visitors to download.

User-entered items: Allow users to put up materials such as classified ads or coupons. This can be free or contingent on registration or payment.

Forms: We create forms for visitors to fill out, and code to convert them into immediate email to you or to information saved in your database.

Email: We'll give you as many email addresses at your domain name as you need. We can either have them forwarded elsewhere behind the scenes or saved on-site for your mail reader to access. We can also create autoresponders, newsletters, mailing lists and other email facilities.

Flash and animation: Either decorative or informative flash presentations, or simple animated graphics.

Streaming media: Video or audio that starts playing with brief latency and can be of indefinite duration.

Your special need: The above are some of the more common requests we implement. Do you have something special not covered? Let us know; we'll be happy to give you a quote on it.




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