Newsletter Archive

We are moving from newsletter publication to podcasting, but archival issues of our newsletter are made available here for those who may have missed earlier issues of interest. These date from 1997, and many are now out of date, but many also have enduring value. We recommend #8 and #34 for new site owners creating their own text.
"The Desktop Global Marketer": back issues
  1. Extending your horizons
  2. Getting started on the web
  3. Collecting money on-line
  4. Your newsletter: spam and the law
  5. Website Privacy policy
  6. Planning an individual professional's website
  7. Your newsletter: friend or foe?
  8. Writing for the web
  9. Getting them to come to your website
  10. Grab the money and run!
  11. The postman in your web site
  12. Can affiliate programs make you rich?
  13. Are you suffering from web-block?
  14. Protecting your web site
  15. Your web site and the law
  16. Web site barriers to your marketing message
  17. The Basics I: Domain Names
  18. Website cost: How much, and how to get value?
  19. How Do People Find Your Web Site?
  20. The Basics II: Registering, Parking, and Moving Painlessly
  21. Website Navigation
  22. Is My Web Site Safe From Viruses?
  23. Using Color in Web Marketing
  24. The Basics III: Do's and Don'ts of Web Text
  25. New effects for your web site
  26. State of the web - 2000
  27. Does my Web address need 'WWW'?
  28. Marketing Through Trading Links
  29. What internet marketers need to Know about proxy caching
  30. Search Engine listings: Getting the most for your money.
  31. The Basics IV: Marketing with autoresponders
  32. Communication is what you are marketing
  33. Dynamic content: What is it? Do you need it?
  34. Writing effective ad copy for the Web
  35. Advertising on the web cheaply
  36. Commercial virus steals your links
  37. How I got a first-page listing on Google
  38. How to finance your commercial web site
  39. Flash and Splash pages: How and when to use them.
  40. AOL adopts Netscape browser: web site implications.
  41. The Domain Registration Business.
  42. Choosing Your Keywords.
  43. Initial planning for your web site.
  44. Do local businesses need the web?.
  45. Virtual Office on the Web.


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